Photos and videos of Russian meteorite blast highlight chaos, confusion

A meteorite exploded over central Russia on Friday, injuring some 1,000 and leaving many buildings badly damaged. As authorities work to treat the victims and repair the damage, people who witnessed the explosion have uploaded video and photos to the Web. No fatalities have been reported.

YouTube user ampedin uploaded a montage of clips. The footage shot from inside cars shows an incredibly bright and fast-moving object on an alarming path toward civilization.

RussiaToday uploaded security camera footage of the explosions. In one particularly dramatic clip, a man and a woman chat in an office when suddenly the window explodes in a flash of white light.

Another witness uploaded this clip of impact. It was shot from a distance, but you wouldn't know it from the audio. Make sure your speakers are at a reasonable volume before hitting play.

For a sense of the chaos and confusion that those on the ground must have felt, check out this clip uploaded by FirstLeaks1. The rocky footage resembles "Cloverfield," a disaster film from 2008.

A news report from ITN explains that the trace from a falling object could be seen 120 miles away.