‘Herpes monkey’ still on the loose in Ohio exotic animal break

How could the story of an exotic animal farm owner letting loose all of his wild beasts before killing himself get any stranger?

With the help of a herpes-infected monkey.

By Wednesday afternoon Ohio authorities hunted down and killed almost all of the 56 animals who were turned loose Tuesday evening. The Columbus Dispatch has a tragic photo of the slain animals here.

But two of the beasts eluded capture: a wolf and a monkey who may be infected with Herpes B, according to CBS. Another monkey from the Muskingum County Animal Farm was eaten by an escaped lion who has since been killed, ABC reported.

The escaped monkey has inspired a fake Twitter account.

People who live in the mostly rural area stayed indoors Wednesday as deputies used rifles to hunt down lions, tigers, bears, leopards, cheetahs and other exotic animals apparently let loose by their owner, Terry Thompson. Police say that Thompson, who had served time on weapons charges, committed suicide.

Authorities said they had no choice but to shoot the animals, since animals hit with tranquilizer darts could run away and hide. Ohio Gov. John Kasich let a ban on owning exotic pets expire last April, to the dismay of the Humane Society.

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