Millionaire works as sanitation worker to set good example for kids

She may be a millionaire, but Yu Youzhen, a woman from China's Wuchang District who works six days a week as a sanitation worker, believes being humble is integral to being wealthy.

China SMACK reports that Yu Youzhen and her husband had been vegetable farmers who, over the course of many years, rented out spare rooms in their home. They saved enough to build some apartments, only to have their land taken by the government. When they were finally reimbursed, they found themselves rich.

But Yu's not living off the profits. Her job, which she's had since 1998, isn't some volunteer position that requires a few hours per week. She wakes up at 3 a.m., dons an orange jumpsuit and picks up litter along a 3,000-meter street for six hours a day. Her paycheck amounts to around $230 per month.

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She spoke to a local paper about how she witnessed her neighbors squander similar fortunes on drugs and other vices. She feels that working hard will set a good example for her children and help to keep them out of trouble.

"A person can't just sit at home and ‘eat away' a whole fortune," Yu explained. She said she told her kids that if they didn't work she'd donate the apartments to the country.

So far, so good. Her two kids are both employed and earning a modest living. Her son works as a driver and her daughter is an office worker.