The next 4 years: Show us what you want changed in Obama’s second term

Laura E. Davis
The Lookout

What are your hopes for the next four years? President Barack Obama begins his second term in office on Jan. 20, with a hefty number of important issues facing the nation, including:

(Reuters/Darryl Webb)

* Immigration reform
* Gun control
* Federal spending
* Environmental protection
* Gay marriage
* A changing military
* Education reform
* Health care
* Afghanistan
* Washington gridlock

What do these issues mean to you?

Yahoo News is asking you to help us tell this story. Here's how you can participate:

1. Pick one issue from the list above—or choose a different national issue—that you want addressed in the next four years.

2. Take a photo of something in your community that represents how that national issue is affecting you or your city or state. For instance: Are you or a friend hoping for passage of the Dream Act, or do you think border control needs to be tightened? Is there a suffering school or community center that could benefit from taxpayer dollars, or a building or project that’s a waste of such funds? Will your health care change because of Obamacare? Find a visual element in your area that illustrates this issue and snap a photo.

* Make sure your photos are high-resolution and at least 630 pixels wide.

3. Describe the issue in detail. Along with your photo, explain what you hope will happen to the issue over the next four years. What specific progress should the nation make on this issue? Why is it personally important to you? How is it affecting your city or state? Be detailed and specific, and include all who/what/when/where details about your photo.

* Please limit your description to 200 words.

4. Email your photo and description to or submit it to our Flickr group.

Please send us your submissions by Thursday, Jan. 17. Thanks—we look forward to seeing your photos!