What if O.J. didn’t do it? Film suggests serial killer—not Simpson—murdered Brown, Goldman

Dylan Stableford
The Lookout

Is O.J. Simpson innocent of murder after all? An explosive new documentary suggests that he is.

In the film "My Brother the Serial Killer," set to air Wednesday on the Investigation Discovery network, Clay Rogers, the brother of convicted serial killer Glen Rogers, claims Glen murdered Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman—the pair Simpson was accused—and controversially acquitted—of slaying in 1995.

Glen Rogers was arrested in November 1995—a month after Simpson was found not guilty—in Kentucky "after leading police on a high-speed chase in a car that belonged to a Florida woman believed to be the third victim in a vicious, cross-country killing spree that began in Van Nuys," Calif., seven weeks before. He was convicted and sentenced to death in both California and Florida and is currently sitting on death row in the Sunshine State, awaiting execution.

According to Clay Rogers, Glen bragged to him about killing more than 70 people. (Glen later said the claim was a joke.) And Clay says Glen told him he had been "partying" with Brown Simpson prior to her June 12, 1994, killing.

According to the documentary, O.J. Simpson knew Glen—who was working as a house painter near Brown Simpson's Brentwood home at the time of the murders—and had paid him to steal a pair of $20,000 earrings he had given her. According to Clay, Glen boasted he was going to "take her down" and said that O.J. told him to kill "the bitch" if necessary.

The documentary culls new details from interviews with police and family members and appears to rely on a pair of books about Rogers: Clifford Linedecker's "Smooth Operator" and Joyce Spizer's "The Cross Country Killer." (Glen Rogers, though, does not appear, nor does Simpson.)

After the murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman, Glen embarked on his cross-country killing spree. Clay turned his brother in after discovering the decomposed corpse of Glen's 73-year-old former roommate at the family's cabin.

"I wasn't turning in my brother," Clay Rogers said. "I was turning in a serial killer."

Following his conviction, Glen admitted to the Goldman-Brown Simpson slayings in interviews from prison, Clay said.

But Fred Goldman, the father of Ron Goldman and a constant figure throughout Simpson's trials, isn't buying it.

"O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman," Fred Goldman said in a statement Monday. "The criminal trial showed overwhelming and monumental evidence that O.J. Simpson was the killer. There was no contrary evidence other than guess, innuendo, and rumor. The fact of the acquittal at the hands of the jury will never wash away this murder from the hands of O.J. Simpson, no matter how many Glen Rogers pop up on the media radar screen."

In 1997, a jury in Simpson's civil trial found him liable in the death of Goldman and battery of Brown Simpson.

In 2006, a book by Simpson—"If I Did It"—was set to be published by HarperCollins' ReganBooks, but the "hypothetical confessional" was subsequently canceled following a public outcry.

In 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas, charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. In 2008, he was found guilty and sentenced to 33 years in prison in Nevada, where he is currently serving his sentence.