Pennsylvania teen finds unexploded World War II-era mortar in backyard

Fourteen-year-old Tyler Varvel was doing some yard work when something caught his eye.

"Like it seemed shiny, so I flicked it with my shoe," Varvel told local TV station WGAL. "It was a bomb or mortar, or something."

The Lebanon County, Penn., teenager called his mother who in turn called police.

Bomb specialists arrived and closed a nearby street for hours. They later determined Varvel stumbled upon a World War II-era mortar. It was found to be inert and was likely a practice round left behind by someone decades ago.

The bomb squad took the mortar away for disposal.

And the family is thankful it's gone.

"Pretty wild summer," Tyler said after the incident.

His mother, Lora Varvel, said, "Something fun for the boys to talk about at school when they go back."