Poll: 55 percent see inequality as big problem

·Senior National Affairs Reporter

As the Occupy Wall Street protest enters its seventh week, there's new evidence that Americans have grown increasingly concerned about inequality.

Fifty-five percent of likely voters surveyed by The Hill newspaper said they think income inequality has become a big problem for the United States. Nineteen percent said it's somewhat of a problem, and 21 percent said it was not much of a problem, or no problem at all.

It's not just those on the lower end of the ladder who are concerned. Sixty-five percent of those making $100,000 or more said inequality is either a big or somewhat big problem.

In addition, two-thirds of likely voters said they think the middle class is shrinking. Just 14 percent said it's staying the same size, and 14 percent said it's increasing.

A report released last week by the Congressional Budget Office found that the richest 1 percent of Americans have done far better than everyone else over the last 30 years.