Possible twins seek to reunite through Kickstarter campaign

·Claudine Zap

Two women, both adopted and raised in two different corners of the earth, bear a striking resemblance. Are they twins, separated at birth? The cliffhanger of a question can be answered only if their Kickstarter campaign is funded to cover the cost of a documentary of their reunion.

The two possible siblings, Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier, found each other through the Web and connected through social media.

Futerman, a 26-year-old actress in Los Angeles, received a message just last month on Facebook from Bordier, a French design student. Bordier had seen one of Futerman’s YouTube videos, including “How It Feels to be Adopted,” and thought the two looked the same.

As Futerman wrote, “At first glance, I saw only my own face staring back from ‘her’ profile picture."

The two did a little research and realized they had both been born on the same day in 1987, in South Korea, and adopted through different agencies shortly afterward. Bordier was raised as an only child in a suburb of Paris. Futerman went to a New Jersey family and grew up with two older brothers.

As described on their Kickstarter page, “This full-length documentary will follow Samantha & Anaïs as they prepare to meet in person for the very first time! We will document their unique experiences through a series of video blogs, video diaries, & skype conversations. … We will also be there as they take a DNA test and receive results to confirm their siblingship.”

Chances seem good that the two are related. As Futerman, who initiated the campaign, says in her video, “It was like looking at myself, but it wasn’t me.”

Already, the campaign has almost 300 supporters who have kicked in over $11,000. The campaign runs through April 18.