Red Robin receipt has a nice surprise for pregnant woman

Red Robin receipt shows a comped meal for "MOM 2 BEE" (Consumerist)
Red Robin receipt shows a comped meal for "MOM 2 BEE" (Consumerist)

When the receipt arrived, it must have looked a little strange. Or at least a bit less expensive than the Red Robin restaurant customers were expecting.

The Consumerist has the scoop. A husband and his (very) pregnant wife went out for a meal at their local Red Robin in North Carolina. During the meal, the manager came over to the couple and joked about how the dinner might be the couple's last meal before having another mouth to feed.

Then came the pleasant surprise. The manager comped the woman's meal. On the receipt he wrote, "MOM 2 BEE GOOD LUC."

Husband Jason wrote into the Consumerist and said, "It was a pleasant surprise and made my tired of being pregnant wife a little more cheery."

Of course, restaurant receipts with messages on them are nothing new—it's just that this one actually was nice.

In recent months, a bartender found himself in hot water for referring to customers as "fat chicks" on a bill. In a separate instance, a Papa John's employee called a customer "Lady Chinky Eyes" on a receipt. The pizza restaurant responded to the outrage by firing the employee.

We'd be surprised if the Red Robin manager doesn't get a nice bonus—or at least a thank you—for a gesture that ended up generating some nice publicity for the chain. And who knows—maybe the couple will bring back their little bundle of joy for his or her first birthday. Strained peas on the house!