Reports: Breivik had plastic surgery to look ‘Aryan’

Liz Goodwin
The Lookout

The head of Norway's intelligence agency Janne Kristianse that she believes accused terrorist Anders Breivik received plastic surgery in order to look more "Aryan."

"You do not have that Aryan look naturally in Norway," she said in an interview with the Sunday Times (article behind paywall). "Hitler would have had him on posters. He has the perfect, classic Aryan face. He must have had a facelift."

An unnamed friend of Breivik's told the Telegraph he bragged about having a nose job at a party when he was only 21 years old.

"I remember we were at a party and he told me he had had his nose and chin operated on by a plastic surgeon in America," the friend said. "It was a bit weird, but he was hanging around at that time with a group of people obsessed by their bodies."

Sources told the Telegraph Breivik's vanity continues in his solitary confinement. He refused to have a mugshot taken and wears a red Lacoste sweater for his outings to the court house, after officials told him he couldn't wear a military uniform.

Breivik, a white supremacist, railed against Muslims and multiculturalism in his 1,500 page manifesto, which also extensively quoted the Unabomber. He was a member of the Norwegian Defence League, an offshoot of a far-right English group that opposes Islam.