Teacher breaks up fight: ‘We can take it to the grass’

A video of a tie-clad teacher dressing down two brawling students is being passed around on some hip-hop blogs, where commenters are praising his cool under pressure.

"Y'all don't do that in here," he roars at the two boys. "Trust me, we can take it to the grass. Trust me, it's been that kind of Tuesday. You're too young and life's too short for y'all to be selling out for that kind of nonsense. This ain't no Crip, Blood kind of nonsense." The boys sit down, cowed, and then he returns quickly to the lesson.

One of the teacher's students apparently taped the exchange on his or her cell phone, but we can't figure out where or when the incident took place.

Who is this mysterious man who managed to so calmly break up this fight? We want to know! Email tips to lizcgoodwin@yahoo.com.