Time-lapse video captures superstorm Sandy’s wrath on New York City

·Claudine Zap

A video on YouTube condenses superstorm Sandy's strike on New York City into about two minutes. The video was created by SMvideoChan, who confirmed to Yahoo News on email that it is taken from the Northside Piers Towers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The bridge you can see is the Williamsburg Bridge.

The time-lapse video covers two days, from the early morning on Oct. 29 until Oct. 30 -- and one very long night of the storm.

The clip shows the darkening sky, the intensity of the wind as water becomes choppy with swells, then rain and, finally, the loss of power to part of the city.

The rainfall is so heavy at times the Manhattan skyline almost disappears from view. Then, as night falls, the power goes. Even sped up, the city looks dark and lonely.

Finally, daylight, calm waters and the storm clouds can be seen blowing over.