Twitter feed sends out compliments to high-school students

According to a study we just made up, 999 out of 1,000 adults wouldn't go back to high school if you paid them a million bucks. But a student in Iowa City, Iowa, apparently in the minority, has been working to change the perception that high school = horrible.

Jeremiah Anthony, a student from West High School, has started an unofficial Twitter feed that focuses on sending compliments to the school's students. It has been praised by locals as a way to support students who are having a rough day, have accomplished something special or could simply use a compliment.

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Anthony started the account in 2011. Since the feed's inception, he has sent out over 3,100 messages to fellow students. All are well-intentioned and kindhearted—exactly the opposite of what you'd expect to hear in the age of cyberbullying.

A few examples of Anthony's positive messages:

@StormsAbreuin even though you're known for your comedic skills you were excellent in the funeral scene. What a talented actor.

@AMLincredible you know more about basketball than just about anyone, whether its high school or pro you know your stuff.

@AbbeyManfull you don't get enough recognition so on behalf of West, thank you. Thank you for your unselfish attitude and bright smile.

@AidanManaligod can't think of a better saxophonist. One day we'll all be buying your cds and watching you on SNL. Keep plowing on.

In an online video, Anthony explains how the movement began. "I built this up by first complimenting people I knew, my friends. They started telling their friends. And those people started telling their friends. Soon it became a pretty popular following."

He added: "I believe that showing the goodness in people is very integral to our account. So many people on Twitter and Facebook get cyberbullied because they’re less than perfect."

It almost makes us wish we could go back to high school. Almost.

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