New video of border crosser’s death raises questions

PBS uncovered new eyewitness video that casts doubt on the conduct of Border Patrol agents in the May 2010 death of Anastacio Hernández-Rojas, who was caught trying to enter the country illegally.

Hernández-Rojas was deported from America after he was caught shoplifting. He tried to enter the country again in May 2010 near San Diego to return to his wife and five children, who were still living in California. According to new eyewitness testimony and video in the Need to Know on PBS documentary "First Look: Crossing the Line," Hernández-Rojas had his hands and feet tied when an unknown Border Patrol agent used his Taser on him five times. Hernández-Rojas was screaming in Spanish for onlookers to help him. He died shortly after.

The Border Patrol said that Hernández-Rojas was not handcuffed and that the agent used force because he became violent. The Justice Department told PBS it is investigating the incident. The full segment will air on Friday.

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