Video: Watch the Moore tornado form

An Oklahoma man captured on video what appears to be the formation of Monday's deadly tornado.

The incredible footage, posted to YouTube, shows a swirling funnel cloud forming over a field near Newcastle, Okla. The man, identified as Charles Cook, shot the cell phone video from a parking lot while sitting in his car.

"The birth of the May 20, 2013 tornado," Cook wrote. "Moved from there to Moore where it turned into an F4. God be with its victims."

A user claiming to be the man's son posted a link to the footage.

"Incredible video my Dad took of the May 20th tornado FORMING and destroying everything in its path near Newcastle," the user wrote. "He was out that way for work today and just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was worried it was going to come back at him and was searching for a way to scoot out [of its] way once he was able to gauge how insanely close it was to him. He hung in there, though. Unbelievable."

Fellow Reddit users noted Cook's remarkable composure—and silence—in the face of danger.

"Quiet intensity from my dad," his son wrote.

Watch the entire five-and-a-half-minute clip below: