Video shows sidewalk collapse in Turkey

A video in Turkey captured the shocking moment a piece of sidewalk gave way, dragging one pedestrian into the void with it.

Security footage on YouTube, reported on by Business Insider, shows passersby in the northern town of Corum unaware that the ground beneath their feet is about to give way.

Suddenly, and apparently without warning, a large chunk of sidewalk completely disappears, taking one unlucky person down as well. Seconds later, walkers who made a run for it cautiously return to the edge of the gaping maw to check it out.

According to local news service Today's Zaman, the high-school student who fell in made out with "light injuries" in Thursday's mishap and was taken to the hospital. The report adds that the sidewalk is already under repair, and that officials are investigating the exact cause of the collapse.

Turkey isn't the only place to suffer from sidewalk disasters. A woman in China made news when she suffered a horrific death after falling through a sidewalk sinkhole, landing in scalding hot water below.