Zuckerberg tells Obama he’s ‘cool’ with higher taxes

At his Facebook town hall yesterday, President Obama picked up at least one supporter for his deficit plan, which would combine higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans with $2 trillion in budget cuts.

The Washington Post reports:

When Obama said wealthy taxpayers such as Zuckerberg and himself should pay their share, the youthful Facebook CEO quipped, "I'm cool with that," to an outburst of laughter and applause from the audience of high-tech executives, Democratic politicians and Facebook employees.

Though Zuckerberg has committed to donating half his wealth to charity during his lifetime, he's also been accused of being less altruistic toward early rivals of his company, and has settled with former classmates who said he stole their ideas to launch the social networking site. Now, businessman (and convicted felon) Paul Ceglia is suing him, claiming to be entitled to half of Facebook because of $2,000 he initially invested.

(Zuckerberg: AP)