Harry Reid calls House Republicans ‘crazies’

Chris Moody
Yahoo! News

"Wacko birds" are so last season.

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, a frustrated Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid referred to some House Republicans as "crazies" when asked about the federal immigration bill's chances of passing the Republican-majority House.

“The speaker has said, within a period of a little over 24 hours, we’re going to pass immigration but we’re going to have Democratic votes to do it. As soon as his crazies heard that, I guess they talked to him and next day he comes back and said: ‘I will only pass it if I have the majority of the majority,'" Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said. "So the point is, I'm not sure that he—or anyone else in leadership in the House—really know what they're doing."

Reid was referring to House Speaker John Boehner's vow in June that he would not put a comprehensive immigration bill to a vote without support from a majority of Republicans. (Boehner was under pressure from House Republicans after he suggested in April that he could rely on Democrats to pass the bill if it lacked support from a majority of the Republican caucus.)

The Senate is expected to pass a bill as early as Thursday, and Boehner will be forced to make a decision soon. The legislation's passage will put pressure on the House to finish its own version, but the bipartisan appetite for a comprehensive bill is weaker in the House than the Senate.