Rolling Stone puts Tsarnaev on cover, drawing outrage

Rolling Stone is set to publish a cover story later this week on accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. And in a move that is sure to anger the families of the victims, scores of survivors and the city of Boston, the iconic rock magazine is putting Tsarnaev on the cover. In fact, it already has.

The magazine posted the cover of the August 1 issue—which hits newsstands Friday—to Facebook, drawing hundreds of outraged comments.

"Been a subscriber since 1982," Tim Snell wrote. "Canceling tonight. I am beyond words..."

"I think it's wrong to make celebrities out of these people," Shawn Anthony wrote. "Why give the guy the cover of Rolling Stone?"

"Way to make a celebrity out of this piece of s---," Paul Witter wrote. "You guys should be ashamed. You just told every terrorist in the world, go ahead, do your thing and we'll make a celebrity out of you. Hope all your advertisers pull out."

"This is appalling, reckless journalism created for shock and profit," Bill Lowell wrote. "Why glorify a killer and terrorist? The magazine’s irresponsible thoughtless actions will only promote the next sad individual to act out his horrific deeds.

Lowell continued: "You should have focused on the brave survivors and all the wonderful deeds of those in the music and entertainment industry. Rolling Stone has reached its journalistic low point."

"Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs, should be on cover," J. Harper Philbin wrote.

"Being from Boston, I take this personally offensive that this s--- bag is even a thought, never mind given the cover!" Jenna DeMato Hebert wrote. "I don't care about his religion, race, sex or his poor family. He is bomber #2 in the white hat ... That's the most description I need."

"Why would you put that face on your cover. WHY?" Joanne Brakatselos wrote. "YOU'RE NOT HELPING."

"I am ending my subscription," David Beck wrote. "This is bull----. Let's honor those who hurt innocent people. Who's next, George Zimmerman?? Rolling Stone is a music magazine, not the Taliban Times."

A spokesperson for Rolling Stone did not immediately return a message seeking further comment.

The 46-year-old magazine, founded by Jann Wenner, has a circulation of 1,464,943. In 2012, it generated an estimated $167.35 million in advertising revenue.