Is that a turtle in your pants, or … ?

Lili Ladaga
The Newsroom

Earlier this year, in a feat of extreme packing, a man was arrested at a Thai airport trying to smuggle a baby bear, two leopards, two panthers and a couple of baby monkeys in his luggage.

But here in the U.S., getting past security with a bag of baby animals is a little harder. Heck, it's hard to get past TSA even if you ARE a baby. The next reasonable smuggling solution? Your pants!

In Miami, eagle-eyed TSA agents busted a man with snakes and turtles in his pants. (One can assume they were not in his pockets.) His answer when asked why he had seven snakes and three turtles in his pants? "That's all I had room for." (Ba dum chhh! He'll be here all week! Don't forget to tip your waitress!)