‘Fit Mom’ Meets Her Adversaries Face-to-Face

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‘Fit Mom’ Meets Her Adversaries Face-to-Face

Paula Faris reporting

Every now and then a story hits home for me. This particular “Nightline” assignment did just that. The woman who has gained notoriety in some quarters as the my-abs-are-better-than-yours “Fit Mom” flew from her home in Sacramento to Kansas City, Mo., to meet some of her adversaries. They’re blogging that her “No Excuse” health approach is a form of fat shaming. And is insensitive.

Insensitive or not, “Fit Mom” has sparked a movement of 17,000 “No Excuse” women all saying health is a priority. This is a real-life mommy war. And I didn't want to miss it.

Before I proceed, I must divulge that I've just returned from maternity leave. A few days ago, in fact. This was my first assignment back. Am I sleep deprived? Uh, yeah. Do I enjoy lugging around my breast pump? I’ll give you a hint: NO. Am I fitting into my skinny jeans, yet? Rrrright. I’m still wearing my maternity pants. And, they’re comfortable. After all, God created elastic on the 8th day (and bacon on the 9th).

Back to the assignment. My biggest challenge was getting there because I brought my 2-month-old baby, Landon. Car seat? Check. Stroller? Yep. Suitcase, diaper bag? Got it.
Oops. Can’t forget the baby. Don’t judge. He’s my third. It’s about survival of the fittest, now.

I wasn't sure what to expect from these moms. A catfight? Maybe a truce? A pen-pal arrangement? Could have all been possible.

We arrived in Kansas City on Tuesday night, gathered at one of the mom’s homes and these women are ready to go.. I basically moderated what turned out to be a glorious conversation: “You’re still not getting it” and “They've messed with the wrong mom,” they said at the kitchen table, which was our version of a round-table debate.

Over the course of the next 24 hours, we had honest conversations. Was “Fit Mom” resented by the others? Were the other moms, who preach tolerance, being intolerant of “Fit Mom”?
In between all of this: diaper changes, screaming kids, a stray dog pick-up and planking. I’m not kidding.

Life isn't dull with these moms. In fact, life isn't dull as a parent, PERIOD. I don’t want to give away all the details of this story. So, have fun watching. Plus, I've got to go. Time to blow dry my hair. And, feed my baby. Simultaneously.