Lady Gaga, Muppets Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Lady Gaga, Muppets Celebrate Thanksgiving

Lady Gaga may have become famous for outrageous outfits and shocking videos. But her take on Thanksgiving is surprisingly traditional. This year she's celebrating with the Muppets.

“It's been a dream come true of mine, really,” said Lady Gaga. “I love the Muppets so much.”

The "Applause" singer will appear on a 90-minute special with the Muppets, her second one. "Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular" will air on Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving) from 9:30-11 p.m. ET on ABC.

For the special, Lady Gaga and Kermit perform a duet of her song “Gypsy.” The Muppets even gave Gaga creative input on the show. Not only will Gaga perform songs from her new album (she'll sing "Applause" with several of the Muppets), but Sir Elton John, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and RuPaul will have duets with Muppets as well. Adding to the star-studded program is Kristen Bell, who will star in a sketch alongside Gaga and the Muppets. John will perform a new version of one of his greatest hits.

Watch the video above for a candid interview with Lady Gaga and Kermit the Frog in which they chat about the special and their on-screen chemistry. But off-limits: any discussion of Kermit's alleged love triangle with Miss Piggy.