Why Jennifer Aniston Won’t Join Twitter

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Why Jennifer Aniston Won’t Join Twitter

This is Rachel like you’ve never seen her before. In Jennifer Aniston’s latest movie “We’re the Millers,” America’s wholesome girl next door gets racy, playing a burnt-out stripper. But now she admits, she had her doubts about the role.

“I said yes thinking wouldn't that be great, thinking well I've never played a stripper, at least not in film,” said Aniston. Then this panic sets in 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week before the actual day of shooting.”

For nearly two decades, Aniston has played the role of America’s sweetheart, on screen and in real life. Her beau Justin Theroux popped the question a year ago. Aniston has dominated the covers of magazines and earned her way near the top of Forbes annual ranking of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

“What is it that defines happiness for an individual?” Aniston said. “It’s different for every person. So I think it’s a lot of projection to be quite honest and I’m so content and so happy where I am, knowing that whatever is going to be, will be.”

In a world of instant “TMI,” privacy is wishful thinking. But Aniston is holding on to what she has left, refusing to join Twitter.

“If I took to Twitter or anything, I would really send people over the edge,” she said, “probably just correcting every false rumor.”