Man gets trapped in out of control elevator that rockets up to the roof before stopping (with video)

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A common fear of those with elevator phobias is the possibility that it may free fall and crash to the ground. On Friday, a man in Providencia, Chile was seriously injured during an elevator ride that was equally horrifying, but far less expected. As reported by, 31-year-old José Vergara Acevedo entered a Bustamante Park building elevator on the first floor and closed-circuit television (CCTV) captured the frightening events that followed.

As seen on the video, before Acevedo appeared to even push a button, the elevator seems to rise before the doors close. The passenger then begins to push more buttons and the doors swing open. At that point Acevedo’s efforts grow more frantic, but he is unable to slow the out of control lift. Reports indicate that the elevator quickly rose to the 31st floor in just 15 seconds and only stopped when it hit the roof of the building.

According to Emol Chile, Mr. Avevedo sustained head and leg injuries. Infonews reports that firefighters and police removed the man from the elevator and transported him to the Santa Maria Clinic for treatment. While the exact reason for the malfunction has not been given, a resident told Infonews that the elevator was in Tower B of the complex, which was completed just eight months ago.

Video and more info: YouTube/Song Play,, Emol Chile, Infonews