Rescued Pit Bull Vies for Taylor Swift's Job in New Video

Rescued Pit Bull Vies for Taylor Swift's Job in New Video

Dear Taylor Swift,
We have a new girl for you to add to your ever-growing pack of friends. And you might want to watch your back — she could take your job!

Meet Gremlin the dog.

This adorable pit bull and her doggy gang parody Swift's recent hit, "Shake it Off," in a new video uploaded to YouTube to promote the online series Life in the Dog House. This HooplaHa Network production follows the antics of newlyweds Chris and Mariesa Hughes, a couple from North Olmsted, Ohio, who run Rowdy to the Rescue, a rehabilitation home for abused dogs.

Behind the glitz and the glam of the pup in the pink tutu, the purpose of the video is to raise awareness for dogs in need of homes after being rescued from the terrors of dog-fighting operations.

Gremlin herself was used for breeding by a group running a dog-fighting ring in Washington, D.C. When she could no longer produce puppies, she became useless to the group. Her back legs were broken so she could be used as a bait dog: a dog that is attacked by other dogs while chained for sport.

Chris said, "Her legs were broken and grew back in such a way that they needed to be rebroken." Gremlin's vocal cords were also ruptured.

Gremlin was rescued by an undercover officer and held as evidence in a cruelty case. According to Pet Adviser's Animal Hero of the Month profile, when the case ended, the Odessa Rescue & Rehabilitation picked up Gremlin, and Chris, who had switched careers to help save animals, adopted her later.

The Hughes dubbed the chocolate-and-white pit bull Gremlin for the appearance of her ears. She eventually regained better use of her legs through special rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. As shown in the video, she clearly got her moves back.

We doubt this is the last time we'll be hearing from Miss Gremlin. She has more than 12,000 followers and is listed as a "public figure" on Facebook. The rescued dog informs the public of recent changes in the law, news, and friends up for adoption within the pit bull world.

Most of all, Gremlin reminds us that when life gets "ruff," we can just shake it off.