‘Push-up Jeans’ give backsides a boost without padding

‘Push-up Jeans’ give backsides a boost without padding

Ivido Jeans is selling a specialty denim line they call ‘Push-up Jeans.’ As reported by CTV News, Ivis Gonzalez owns the Canadian based company and said her Colombian background inspired her to design the lifting jeans. The businesswoman told the station, “In South America we really celebrate our bum. It’s not about being skinny. It’s just about to wear the right thing for your body and feel like a woman.”

So what‘s the rear raising difference in these jeans? The collection of 50 styles, made entirely in Colombia, uses no padding but rather a combination of strategically placed shading, stitching, pocket placement and special fabrics to enhance a woman’s shape. The line also includes a style with a built in girdle. “Some women, they need extra help and then we create the push in tummy,” said Gonzalez.

CTV took a before and after shot with a group of models. After trying on the jeans Danae Dumontet commented, “My butt grew five sizes. I am amazed.” Her fellow model agreed, “Biggest transformation by far, hers. Bubble butt now.” Stefanie Cornell was thrilled with the results saying, “When you put them on, it’s like stepping into a standing ovation. Like honestly, like you can’t help but strut.”

Adding extra sass to the boosting denim line, Gonzalez shuns conventional numerical sizes, choosing instead to identify the jeans with sizes like “Tango,” “Salsa,” “Merengue,” “Samba,” and “Flamenco.” When it comes to plus sizes ,Gonzalez has a strong opinion, “I say no more that. Must be ‘Delicious.’ ‘Delicious,’ ‘Sweet Delicious,’ and ‘Hot Delicious.’

If you want to try the unique line out, the jeans sell for between $76-$99 in Ivido’s Vancouver store and are also available online.

Video and more info: CTV, Ivido Jeans