8th grade blind basketball player sinks shot

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Saint Albans City School eighth grader Alek Wolfe has not let blindness stop him from getting involved in activities at the Vermont school. He’s competed in cross country events, provides color commentary during basketball games, and though he manages the boys basketball team he has never played in a game. That changed recently when the team’s coach Scott asked Alek if he wanted to inbound a play.

Alek Wolfe (WFFF)

It was a question that took Alek by surprise as he explained to WFFF ABC 22, “So he comes over. He’s like, ‘Would that be awesome?’ And I, I looked at him and I said, ‘Yes.’ And he told me, ‘You’re going to be in the books if you score a point. This place is going to go absolute nuts.’”

Alek and Coach Scott (WFFF)

Alek admitted that he was nervous but excited and honored that his coach gave him the opportunity. His initial shot just missed, and his second shot didn’t make it in either. But when his teammate passed him the ball and he squared up for his third attempt, he scored! Coach Scott was right and the crowd reaction was huge. Players from both teams were cheering. Alek said, "It was awesome, electrifying. I have to say it was one of the best moments of my career.” The exciting moment was caught on camera.


Alek’s teammate Kennan said, “I had total faith in Alek, from the start of the game. I knew he could do it.” Jacob Newman from the opposing team from Alburg, acknowledged, "The rest of the game kind of went like a regular basketball game, except there, there was something more special about it.”

Only two home games remain in the season and Alek said, “It was a night that I’m never going to forget.”

Video and more info: WFFF