Allegedly intoxicated woman falls asleep on railroad tracks, is run over by a train but is left uninjured

Will Lerner
·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Wednesday morning, the Auburn Police Division in Alabama received several calls from concerned citizens who believed that a woman had been struck by an oncoming train. When police officers arrived, they did find a woman lying on railroad tracks, but it didn’t appear she had been hit. Why? As WTVM News Leader 9 reports, she was fast asleep and seemingly unscathed.

That’s right, 22-year-old Lynsey Horne of Salem, Alabama, the woman that police found, was sound asleep on the railroad tracks, apparently unaware that a train had passed over her. Captain Lorenza Dorsey told WTVM, “You can absolutely call it a miracle, I mean, because of the fact that, luckily, [the train] was only two engines and a car, and the fact that her, I guess build or stature, and that she lied between the rails in a way that she was not struck by the actual train or any, you know, objects from the train. She is very, very fortunate and lucky.” He noted in an interview with the Opelika-Auburn News, “I’ve been here for 28 years, and I have never seen anyone get passed over by a moving freight train and survive it.”

Ms. Horne was only so lucky, however. As reports, she was arrested and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, the disorderly conduct because of the disruption she caused, “The train had to be stopped, an ambulance called and a medical helicopter was put on standby.” Ms. Horne had no visible injuries, but was still taken to a nearby hospital to get a closer medical examination.

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