Chuck Barry arrested for impersonating U.S. Air Marshal to try and get Dunkin Donuts discount

Before we begin, it should be pointed out that we’re not talking about the legendary rock musician, Chuck Berry. We’re instead talking about Charles T. “Chuck” Barry, a Trinity, Florida resident whose love for discounted donuts got him in trouble with Johnny Law.

Pasco County deputies claim that on November 6th, our pal Chuck, drove up to a Trinity, Florida Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru window and identified himself as a U.S. Air Marshal, demanding a discount. There was only one problem with that – he isn’t a U.S. Air Marshal. They’re the federal agents who flyon planes to “detect, deter, and defeat hostile acts against U.S. air carriers, passengers, and crews.” A cursory glance of the TSA website doesn’t provide any information on fast food chain discounts. They pay the same price we do for Munchkins.


WTSP reports that when the employee working the window refused him a discount, Chuck got heated, “held up a holstered gun and said, ‘See, I’m a cop!’” Again, just a reminder, he isn’t a cop. He’s just a husky man who tried to score cheap donuts by pointing at a firearm. Allegedly.

Chuck then returned to the same Dunkin’ Donuts only a day later. We won’t blame him for that because we share a similar weakness for baked goods . The Tampa Bay Times reports it was this trip that allowed a store manager enough time to record his license plate number.

Pasco Sheriff Office


As WFLA reports , Pasco deputies set up surveillance video and it captured the apparently reliable Chuck rolling on through. He was pulled over and when they took a peek, they found a law enforcement badge, police star, and .38 caliber revolver. The badge and star had belonged to his father, a New Jersey police officer. Perhaps Mr. Barry was confused and thought that the access those items allow can be passed down through the generations like keys to a car. It doesn’t work like that. He was arrested for impersonating a law enforcement officer and improperly exhibiting a firearm.

WTSP went on to say that Chuck Barry had actually been receiving discounts for a while but the management stopped when he started using it every day. Wait, what? He ate donuts every day? He doesn’t look like it. *rolls eyes* *puts chin in hand* *smirks* *bites into a donut*

More info: WFLA, WTSP, Tampa Bay Times