Driver manages to get three tickets within minutes, driving just five blocks

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Breaking some type of record, Joey Menscik managed to rack up three separate traffic tickets within five blocks during a drive from Ontario, Canada to Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec. Menscik and his wife, Caroline Guy, feel as though they were targeted and treated unfairly by Quebec officers because of their Ontario license plate.

The first ticket was issued for the pickup’s illegally tinted windows, just a few blocks from the stadium. Guy said that she was pulled over a few years ago for window tinting, but had a Quebec plate, and was simply issued a warning. There was no such luck this time and the officer slapped Menscik with the C$162 fine.

They drove away only a few blocks and they were stopped again, by a different officer. Menscik told CBC News, “He says to me, 'You coasted through a stop sign.'” Ticket number two was issued for C$162.

The couple got only one block away before they were hit with a third ticket. Guy told Global News, “We see the cop car coming up behind us again, and I said, ‘Surely it can’t be for us again.’” But it was and it was their old friend, the officer that issued the couple’s second ticket. The police officer said that they went through another stop sign and they collected their third ticket.

Mr. Menscik and Ms. Guy maintain that they respected the stop signs. “I think it went [further] than that, at that point, because of the Ontario plates,” Menscik said. Laurent Gingras, Service de police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM) spokesperson told Global News, “I suggest to these people that they should contest their ticket and the court will decide who’s right…If you obey the laws, obey the by-laws, you shouldn’t have a problem.” The couple plan on contesting the tickets.

Videos and more info: CBC News, Global News