Dawson's Creek' Remake Goes Viral

Odd News

It feels as if we JUST got the Paula Cole theme song "I Don't Wanna Wait" out of our head, but already, the '90s teen melodrama Dawson's Creek is back.

Actually this is Dachshund's Creek. It's like Dawson's Creek, but with wiener dogs.

This spoof of the WB show tells the story of love, life, and growing up in dog years.

The stars of this video — Gandalf, Winnie, Mocha, and Aurora — do a very good job of replacing the original stars, James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, and Michelle Williams. The resemblance is uncanny.

Dachshund's Creek has all the makings of a hit. Critics (YouTube commenters) have already given praise, saying, "I would watch the entire series again edited this way" and "Makes more sense using dogs" and "That black dachshund really does look like Katie Holmes" and "This is beautiful. All we need now is Ally McBeagle".

If you are looking for teen angst, sexual tension, and the same unintelligible dialogue filled with vocabulary that no actual high schooler obtains, Dachshund's Creek is for you.

No word on any offscreen romances between the wiener dogs.

See the entire video here: