Daycare expels 3-year-old after she drops the s-bomb

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
Odd News

3-year-old Arianna Wright of Texas is a seriously cute kid who said a bad word at her daycare, Jubilee Child Development Center in San Antonio. Even thoughit appears that she didn’t know what the s-word means, the daycare banned young Arianna anyway. Her mother, Cassandra Wright, told WOAI News 4 that she thinks it’s an overreaction.

WOAI says the manner in which Arianna said the salty word was splashy, that “Arianna got on top of the tables, said the curse word, and thirteen other kids in the classroom heard it.” Cassandra told the station she doesn’t condone her daughter’s use of the word, but is surprised that instead of the private, faith-based institution using it as a teachable moment, they decided to just kick her out. The mother added, “I'm still a little bit upset, but most of all was hurt, I was devastated, really hurt.”

Alissa Blankenship, director of the Jubilee Child Development Center, said the establishment has zero tolerance for bad language, and that, “as a private center and also a parent myself you know there's decisions and choices that we have to make." Blankenship added that she didn’t think it would be an, “isolated incident” because Arianna laughed after saying the bad word. WOAI notes that the center expelled another student for a similar incident a few months ago.

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