Dog receives jury duty summons

Recently man’s best friend has been called upon to perform duties beyond simple unconditional love and loyalty. Earlier this week, there were reports thata canine in England was invited to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections. Now, canine civic responsibility has hit the States.

On Friday, a jury duty summons was sent to “IV Griner,” a New Jersey German Shepherd. As reported by WKYW CBS 3, the name on the summons is the same name that appears on the pooch’s vet record. IV’s owner, Barrett Griner told the station, “Nobody in my house is named IV except the German Shepherd.”

After the initial shock, Barrett, whose full name is Barrett Griner IV, figured out that “IV” was entered as his first name on the summons through a clerical error.

He was right. The notices are computer-generated in Trenton’s District Court offices as Dennis Moffa, Cumberland County Judiciary Coordinator, told WCAU NBC Philadelphia. "This happens many times…I think that the computer probably randomly picks some things that are probably not as on point as they should be," said Moffa.

Mr. Griner said that past summons he’s received have always included his full name. Nevertheless, Moffa said that the confusion can be cleared up easily with a phone call. He explained, “They provide us with information from the summons and additional identifying information, and we can determine who the summons is actually for.”

Barrett took the whole incident lightheartedly saying, “I had to laugh at it.”

Video and more info: WKYW, WCAU