Fisherman catches extremely rare yellow lobster

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Fisherman catches extremely rare yellow lobster

A lobster fisherman was shocked when he pulled up one of his traps and found a very unusual yellow crustacean inside.

The yellow lobster caught by Jere Lacoske (WTNH)

As reported by WTNH News 8, Jere Lacoske was fishing off the coast of Black Point in Niantic, Connecticut, a spot he’s fished over the past 10 years. “First I thought it was a joke,” Lacoske told the station. “I mean is it cooked or is it plastic? And then it was in with six other lobsters so it was kind of hiding in the corner.” The 1.25 lb creature caught his eye because of its yellow orange coloring that made it look more like a cooked crustacean, rather than the common dark bluish green or greenish brown coloring of a live lobster. “It’s a female lobster,” Lacoske explained. “I mean, she’s in great shape. She’s very, as you see, she’s very active.”

Jere Lacoske (WTNH)

Capt. John Wadsworth, owner of Mago Point Marina where Lacoske’s boat is docked, said, “Well they say it’s one in 30 million.” Other unusual color variations have been seen, including blue lobsters, which appear in one out of two million lobsters. Split-colored lobsters, with a distinct half brown and half orange shell, occur in one in 50 million. Albino lobsters are rarest and estimated at only one in 100 million.

Lacoske hopes to find his rare lobster a home at Project Oceanography, where others can enjoy viewing it. “See if they’ll take it down there and show the kids down there for a while at least,” the fisherman said. However if they can’t take the yellow lobster, Lacoske plans on setting her free back in the water.

Video and more info: WTNH