Florida Beach House Built on Wrong Lot

Mark and Brenda Voss of Missouri recently completed construction on their gorgeous 5,300-square-foot beach house in a gated community in Hammock Dunes in Florida. The only problem with their palatial new digs? It was built on the wrong lot.

Contractors built the $680,000, 5-bedroom house on property that technically belongs to a couple from North Carolina. The couple purchased the lot in 2003 but never developed it.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

According to Keystone Homes, which built the house, the mistake is traced to a survey conducted last year that pointed out the wrong stretch of land on which to build the Voss's home. Renters had been living in the house for months until the slip-up was noticed in September. So what happens now?

Keystone Vice President Robbie Richmond says the company is looking for a way to negotiate a settlement. "We are 100 percent committed to finding a resolution that is fair," he said. "I have built about 600 homes in Flagler County, and this has never happened to me before. It does happen, but it's rare."

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

And as for the Vosses, they say they are in total disbelief. "We may have moved someday. But, with this headache and grief, we're not so sure," Mark Voss said. "The Midwest is looking pretty good right now." Another day, another weird story out of Florida.