Florida woman gets land-clearing company to bulldoze trailer of neighbor she doesn’t like

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62-year-old Ana Maria Moreta Folch of St. Johns County, Florida wanted a trailer and septic tank demolished, so she contacted a land-clearing company. After showing a heavy equipment operator that she had a key to the trailer and claiming that nobody was currently living inside, the company got to work. As Jacksonville.com reports, there was one small problem with this – Ms. Folch didn’t own the trailer. Her neighbor did.

The owner, Maria Gottfried, showed up to see what was going on and called the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. When a deputy arrived, Ms. Gottfried explained that she had owned the mobile home since 2006 and that she had never given Ms. Folch a key. Jacksonville.com, citing an arrest report, says that Ms. Folch claims she had the trailer bulldozed because, “people who had lived there were unsavory and she suspected they had broken into her car. She said she considered it a favor to her neighborhood.” This ‘favor’ wound up causing approximately $25,000 in damage. Ms. Folch was charged with criminal mischief.

More info: Jacksonville.com

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