Fuel delivery mess up causes major car problems for gas station customers

A delivery company mistakenly filled Manchester Mart & Gas’ diesel tanks with unleaded gasoline and the unleaded tanks with diesel fuel. As reported by WMUR News 9, the accident by delivery company, Abenaqui Carriers, caused headaches, stalled cars, and expensive repair bills. From March 16th at 1:30 p.m. to March 17th at 8 a.m., customers at the New Hampshire gas station were unwittingly filling their car tanks with the wrong fuel.

One of those customers, Catherine Whittle, told the station, “This morning, I backed out of the driveway, or backed out of the garage and in the driveway the car died immediately.” Whittle said. Gerald Cloutier, a mechanic at JCS Auto Sales garage near the gas station was repairing a car that mistakenly filled up at the Mart & Gas with diesel. “It could contaminate the O2 sensors, it could contaminate the catalytic converters,” said Cloutier.

The gas station manager told WMUR that so far 10 customers reported problems because of the fuel.

Abenaqui Carriers agreed to pay for repair costs for those customers that were affected and issued a statement reading: "We regret that a delivery error may have affected some customers of 738 Hooksett Road in Manchester, N.H. The issue has since been rectified." The company asks that those customers who were affected call the Abenaqui Safety Office at (603) 379-8819.

The Manchester Mart & Gas tanks and pumps have been flushed and refilled with the proper fuel.

Video and more info: WMUR (1), WMUR (2)

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