Grandmother says a hospital messed up on methamphetamine test, and won’t take its results off her records

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
Odd News

Pam Harrington of Independence, Missouri does not look like someone who has used methamphetamine, and that would be because she hasn’t used methamphetamine. Back in 2011, the now 62-year-old grandmother went to Truman Medical Center (TMC) after experiencing chest pains. While there, Ms. Harrington took a urine test. As KCTV5 News reports, when a nurse came in and told her about the results, she was shocked.

Ms. Harrington told KCTV, “[The nurse] came in and told me that I had been doing methamphetamine, and it was in my system. And, I told her, 'No way. I've never done that.' Well, she was adamant that it was there." The feeling of being told this was hard for Ms. Harrington to take. She told the station, “It was devastating. I just don’t do that stuff.” And, it would turn out she hadn’t. After a second urine test, the results came back negative and Ms. Harrington was told the first results were just a false positive.

Afraid of having any mention of testing positive for meth on her records, she wants the wrong results removed. Ms. Harrington explained to KCTV, “I told them I wanted this off my records because of my diabetes medicines. Anything that might happen with my aging. I don't want somebody to see that and think, ‘OK, I can't give her this medicine, that medicine, or we can't treat her for this.’”

When she asked TMC to remove the results, Ms. Harrington was told that the results would not be expunged, only that they would add a note to it, explaining what happened. The grandmother is disappointed by the hospital that she credits with saving her life in the past, saying she just doesn’t, “…like they way they do their paperwork. It's just not right."

KCTV notes that this isn’t the first time Truman Medical Center has been in the news over test results. Just last week, a couple complained to the station after they the hospital allegedly messed up a sexually transmitted disease test and told them that they both had chlamydia . When KCTV reached out for comment to TMC as to what’s happening with Ms. Harrington, they didn’t get an answer back.

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