Here's an Airplane, Helicopter, and Car — All in One

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Here's an Airplane, Helicopter, and Car — All in One

In the future, travelers may no longer have to decide between an airplane, a helicopter, and a car. A new concept could make good on years of ideas from science fiction, by combining all three into one device.  

Arizona-based startup Krossblade wants to be the company to offer this to us in the future.

It recently introduced the SkyCruiser, an electric hybrid aircraft that could switch between airplane and quadcopter modes, and also be driven like a car.
The benefit of this, according to the company, is that while airplanes are fast and efficient and can cover long distances quickly, a helicopter can take off and land vertically, eliminating the need for an airfield.  
The company wants SkyCruiser to become a point-to-point vehicle and the only thing a passenger will need to go door to door.

Though the SkyCruiser is still in the concept phase, the company is already working on a smaller version, the SkyProwler.

No price or delivery date has been set for either concept, but we are going to start studying for the driver's test now, just in case.