Hidden Bra Cam Exposes Stolen Glances, Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

Hidden Bra Cam Exposes Stolen Glances, Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

A hilariously on-point video, which has now been viewed more than a million times, has been uploaded to the Nestlé Fitness YouTube page with the hashtag "CheckYourSelfie." It depicts just how many wandering eyeballs are drawn to women's breasts in a day.

The actress in the video is equipped with a hidden camera that is disguised as a button on her bra, and she walks around town for a day running errands, taking meetings, getting coffee, etc. A counter tallies the glances her breasts attract throughout the day. It should definitely be noted that the actress is wearing a very bright pink bra, and her shirt is basically half-buttoned.

This is not Nestlé's first video campaign for breast cancer awareness. Last year, it released a video that featured another bra that sent out tweets every time it is was unclasped.

So what is the point of illustrating that no one can help looking at boobs? Well, Nestlé Fitness says it hopes to remind women that since other people are constantly checking out their breasts, they should take the time to check their own with regular breast exams.

As talk of women's breast health continues to become less and less taboo, hopefully women and the men in their lives are reminded that vigilance is the first tool in fighting breast cancer.

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