Home hit by vehicle for the 11th time in 30 years and does worst damage yet

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
Odd News

This means on an average of almost every three years, Indianapolis couple Leigh and Tim McCall have experienced someone driving a car into their property. As The Indianapolis Star reports, this past Sunday 29-year-old Katie Anderson Spears lost control of her Chevy Equinox and crashed through the wall of the McCalls’ home into their dining room – the 11th time something of this nature has happened to them.

Anderson Spears told the Star that she was travelling too fast when driving over railroad tracks only 150 from the McCall home. When she lost control andovercorrected, she went through a neighbor’s chain link fence and straight into the house. The McCalls are frustrated, to say the least. Leigh told WISH-TV News 8, “Again. Again, this is happening again. There’s a car in our house with a woman in it.”

Tim expressed his concern for Ms. Anderson Spears, but is upset this keeps occurring, telling WISH, “I was scared for her; this is not the first time that they’ve hit the house. They’ve either hit the pole, hydrant, porch, or the house like 11 times now in the past [30] years. And you know, I thought eventually, I don’t know. It’s just awful that it continues to happen…”

Fortunately, though the driver went through her windshield and caused around $10,000 in damage, she was not seriously hurt and was taken to a nearby medical center in good condition. The McCalls were watching the Colts game when it happened, and though they were in the home at the time of the accident, they were not struck.

According to Leigh’s mother, Pat Frazee, who lives in the other half of the duplex home (which was unaffected by the crash), told the Star that she’s been appealing to the government to put in a stop sign near the home, but has “gotten nowhere.” Maybe 11 times is the charm?

More info: Indianapolis Star , WISH-TV