Landlord learns you can be arrested for threatening your tenant with a gun, even if they're late on rent

A quick perusal of Craigslist shows that there are several apartments available for rent in the greater Chickasha, Oklahoma area. This information is perhaps best suited for anybody who lives in a home owned by Rodney Kreger, who was arrested last week after allegedly asking one of his tenants for rent money at gunpoint. KFOR NewsChannel 4 says it’s something police in the area haven’t seen before.

Tenant Jacob Woods was behind in his rent payment when he went across the street to Kreger’s home to pay up. According to Chickasha Police Officer David Harper-Head, who spoke with The Express-Star, "Woods said once he was inside Kreger's residence, Kreger began to write him out a receipt. Woods said that Kreger then pulled a pistol out of a desk drawer and pointed it at him. Woods said Kreger then told him to give him the money." Woods gave him that money, went back to his house, and called police.

According to police, Kreger denied actually pointing the pistol at Woods. Officer Harper-Head told The Express-Star that Mr. Kreger believed Woods had been acting strangely recently and that he said that, “he pulled a pistol out of his desk drawer and showed it to Woods. Kreger said he told Woods that he could have shot him the other night for the way he was acting.” Kreger also told police he was, “not going to shoot him.” Police arrested Kreger and took him to Grady County Jail.

Woods doesn’t know where the malice is coming from. He told KFOR that he and his family got along with Kreger initially, but that “all of a sudden he just turned on us.” Woods will now have to search for a new home, as he’s been evicted. Kreger didn’t stop with Woods, however. He’s also evicting Woods’ neighbor, Angela Minter. She told KFOR, “[Kreger] came out of jail yesterday and came straight over here and told us we were evicted.” Ms. Minter believes it’s because of her friendship with Woods. The two view their evictions as a blessing in a disguise. They’ll be leaving homes that were in disrepair and a landlord they find dangerous.

More info: KFOR, The Express-Star