Man gets traffic ticket for running stop sign when video shows he clearly stopped

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
Odd News

Randy Kratofil was driving through Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania when he came to a stop sign at an intersection. After coming to a complete stop, Mr. Kratofil continued through the intersection – but he didn’t make it very far. As KDKA CBS Pittsburgh reports, the Clairton, Pennsylvania resident was pulled over by Jefferson Hills Police officers. They told him he was being given a ticket for not stopping. This shocked Mr. Kratofil, but fortunately, he happened to have evidence that would refute the police officers’ claims.

Mr. Kratofil happened to have a dashboard camera recording as he was driving through Jefferson Hills. In the video, you can see that he comes to a complete stop. KDKA even brought the video to driving instructor Jim Clair, who confirmed that Mr. Kratofil hadn’t rolled through the intersection.


When the station brought the video to Jefferson Hills Police Chief Gene Roach, he viewed it and decided to ask the police officer responsible for writing the ticket to withdraw it. However, KDKA notes that Chief Roach did defend his officers. “He defends his officers, saying technically…the law says you stop at the stop sign, you move forward, stop again, until you can see that the intersection is clear and then you go.”

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