Man survives horrific 190mph car crash (with video)

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El Mirage Dry Lakebed, east of Los Angeles in California, was the scene of a horrific car crash that, fortunately, didn’t end in tragedy.

According to, driverBrian Gillespie was driving a Hasport Hondata Insight (a modified Honda Insight) at El Mirage, a dry lakebed that legally hosts “casual recreational riding, many OHV and motorcycle clubs stage "runs", and competitive races,” as part of a Southern California Speed Trial (SCTA) race. The SCTA is a volunteer organization that provides land speed racing events at El Mirage and the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

According to John Wylie, who posted the video on YouTube, the car was running between 180-190mph before it lost control. According to the SCTA website, Brian was sent to the hospital with a collapsed lung, a cut on his shin, and severe bruising around the head.

John writes that “The safety equipment worked as designed, and [Brian] escaped with relatively minor injuries.” Hot Rod expounded on that thought, saying “Brian’s survival is testament to the safety measures and the obvious craftsmanship in the roll structure. SCTA over the past few years has mandated head-and-neck restraints and side-to-side head support, and it’s saved a lot of guys in snap rollovers like this. Land speed racers also wear arm restraints to keep hands inside the car during episodes of high centrifugal force like this.”

On the SCTA website, Doug and Miriam Macmillan wrote that Brian has been discharged from the hospital and that, “He's feeling much better.” They went on to say “He is progressing very well; sitting up, talking - still sharp as a tack. All the vehicle's safety equipment functioned perfectly.”

More info: Youtube,, SCTA, Car Buzz

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