Man wins $916 on bet that Luis Suarez would bite opponent at World Cup

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With the World Cup in full swing, it's usual for some of the matches to get a little heated. Still, when Uruguay's Luis Suarez apparently bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during their game on Tuesday, most people were shocked. Then there were those that saw it coming. Cox Media Group reports that Norwegian man Thomas Syversen actually won 5,600 krone (about $916) by placing a bet that Uruguay's Suarez would chomp down on one of his opponents during the Uruguay-Italy match.

The World Cup Trophy (Getty Images)

Now, Suarez has been known to bite players in the past. This is actually the third time he's faced punishment for sinking his teeth into an opposing player. Even with that history, what were the odds on such a bet? A whooping 175 to 1!

Luis Suarez (Getty Images)

Syversen isn't the only one to cash in on Suarez's actions. According to Yahoo Sports , betting site Betsafe also posted the unusual wager on their site. According to Betsafe, they will be paying out 39 winners who took the prop bet.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that FIFA has officially charged Suarez with biting Chiellini. If Suarez is found guilty, he could be banned for at least two matches and up to 24 months. In which case, Syversen might have to rely on some more traditional forms of gambling.

More info: Cox Media Group, Yahoo Sports , The Associated Press