Man with a sword demands his six tacos be free of charge

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
Odd News

Last week, San Antonio resident Adam Kramer walked into Alondras De Jalisco, a TexMex restaurant in the city’s Southside neighborhood. He ordered sixtacos, and when they were ready, his waitress told him how much it would cost. It was then, according to the San Antonio Express-News (via, that Kramer told her that actually, they were going to be free.

When his waitress informed that restaurants generally charge money for the food they provide, Sir Adam unsheathed a “large sword,” implying that he still felt that they should be free. According to KSAT ABC 12 News , when the waitress went to go get the cook, a telephone started to ring and it was at that moment that Mr. Kramer took a step outside. Thinking quickly, the waitress locked the doors.

Apparently, this enraged Mr. Kramer, with him allegedly screaming that if his tacos weren’t provided on the house, “someone would die.” Instead of sticking around, however, he took off in his truck. Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested him the next day with charges of aggravated robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

All of this makes plenty of sense to us here at Odd News. For, what food could possibly be more expensive than the taco? It’s not like you can get them for a dollar a piece or something. It’s not like they’re a widely available, super-cheap meal option. And it’s probably safe to assume that Alondras De Jalisco is the only restaurant in San Antonio, if not Texas, that serves tacos. Really, the only way any of us 99%ers could get tacos and not be devastated by financial ruin would be if we were courageous enough to take them at swordpoint.

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