Manila Cafe Caters to Dogs

Richard Cazeau
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Manila Cafe Caters to Dogs

Typically, fine dining establishments earn their reputations by creating and serving delicious meals for discriminating customers, but have you ever heard of a café for the dogs?

Whole Pet Kitchen in Manila, Philippines, is a one-stop dining experience that caters to patrons furrier than your average restaurant customer. The '"barkery'" serves all kinds of pets but focuses mostly on canine consumers. Owner Giannina Gonzalez says dog diets are just as important as those of their loving owners.

If you can stand to eat at the same table as your pooch, this might be the hot spot for you, airfare not included. And pricing is reasonable, with baked goods, such as muffins, costing as little as $4.

The Kitchen is run just like any restaurant for people, and the chefs use healthy fare in their dishes, like organic extra-virgin coconut oil, turmeric, and carefully selected meats. But just because the café caters to doggies, that doesn't mean that it's an "anything goes" venue. Health and safety standards are in play, and all ingredients are properly controlled. For example, the signature lasagna doesn't include tomato sauce, because nightshade fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, are hazardous to dogs.

It's one thing to fall in love with a new dining experience, but if your pup starts loving the menu more than you had imagined, you may be in trouble. Your personal dining budget could eventually go to the dogs.