Men Add Flowers to Beards in New Style Trend

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Men Add Flowers to Beards in New Style Trend

You know how kids stick everything in their noses?

One man with a beard sticks Slinky toys and straws in his full-grown facial hair.

Blogger Pierre Thiot started posting pictures of Cheetos, confetti, and even Apple earbuds in his brown beard.

His Instagram account hosts over 65,000 followers and includes videos. If you check it out, the shaking removal of the flowers is likened to performance art.

Turns out he's kind of a flower beard trendsetter. Others have put in daises and colorful decorations and then uploaded the finished pieces. While we don't recommend replicating the fireworks near your face, we admire the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine, reminiscent of hippier times.

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