Mother says Sonic served her family a bag of marijuana with their meal

A woman in Frederick, Maryland was shocked and concerned when she found a bag of marijuana mixed in with her family’s drive-thru meal.

As reported by The Frederick News-Post, Carla McFarland took her two children, a 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, to get a special treat: a meal at Sonic. On Wednesday, the family rolled through the drive-thru and McFarland passed her children their chicken strips and french fries, then reached into the bag for her own food. That’s when she discovered a small plastic bag of what looked like marijuana, in with her french fries.

“I just kind of sat there in my car in shock,” McFarland said. “I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?” The mother called the police and notified Sonic’s management. They were apologetic and the customer’s meal was remade at no charge. “I definitely can't say that they didn't go out of their way,” said McFarland. “I honestly think they were more in shock than I was.”

A Sonic employee eventually admitted that the marijuana was hers and guessed that the bag slipped out of her apron at some point. That fast food worker was fired and McFarland was notified. John Louderback, the franchisee of the Sonic location, told the paper that the incident is under investigation and did not speak about the employee drug-testing policies of the restaurant.

Lieutenant Jennifer Bailey, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman said that the case was under investigation and no arrests had yet been made. The bag was seized by deputies but it is unknown if the contents were tested to confirm it was marijuana.

Ms. McFarland decided to post her experience on Facebook and the story drew laughs from some of her friends. The mother was not laughing though. “I think that's why everyone thinks it's so funny, because it's marijuana and it's going to be legalized,” McFarland said. “It could have been crack. It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”

More info: The Frederick News-Post