Odder otter news: Photos capture an otter eating an alligator

Odd News

What’s more attention grabbing than a snake eating a crocodile? An otter eating an alligator.

Otters have a reputation of being cute and cuddly animals, but photos were recently re-posted on Facebook that show a side of the carnivorous mammal that will probably surprise you. Photos taken by Geoff Walsh in the Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in DeLeon Springs, Florida show an otter biting down on a young alligator. According to Facebook comments by the refuge, the otter was able to drag the alligator to land, at which point the prey stopped resisting. They were no longer visible, but when “crunching noises” were heard, it was clear that the otter was feeding on the reptile.

The Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge notes that, “Despite their disarmingly cute appearance, otters are the apex predator of many fresh water habitats.” A YouTube search reveals otters battling with various large species including this video from the BBC of giant otters fighting for an hour with a Caiman, from the alligator family.

Photos and more info: Geoff Walsh / Facebook/Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge , YouTube/BBC